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Privacy Policy

To protect user privacy is a basic policy of the network, the network that is not open to the public or to provide user registration and user store non disclosure in this site in the use of network services, except in the following situations:

(a) explicitly authorized prior access to users;

(b) according to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations;

(c) in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government departments;

(d) to safeguard the public interest;

(E) in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the network;

Please regularly check the information, and other information and changes.

On the third party web site links

The network contains links to other sites link. For other web site privacy measures, we do not assume any responsibility. We recommend that users should pay attention to reading every website collect personally identifiable information privacy statement on the left in our website. This privacy policy applies only to the online collection of information.

Our information protection

We will maintain the confidentiality of the information acquisition. We obtain and use the information of the employees by limiting the information protection, establish a good internal mechanism to better security and confidentiality.

The exchange of user content

In any field of information exchange alone this net negative monitor or review users to send or post on this site information, mutual responsibility, including chat rooms, bulletin boards or other user forums and any communication content.

Because of this statement or using the site dispute applicable laws of people's Republic of china.